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About Our Licensed & Insured Menlo Park Electrical Contractors

Living room tvHow do you describe an electrical service provider in such a way that it distinguishes us from everyone else out there? For one thing, we identify with our community because we live here. Menlo Park electricians are also local residents. We simply won’t have it any other way. Our service technicians and installation specialists need to have as much of an investment in this community as you do. That motivates them that much more during an electrical emergency and ensures that they won’t attempt to perform unnecessary services or charge unfair prices. After all, they’re your neighbors. It’s not like they can leave town after the job is done. 

Menlo Park Electrical Services is a community service provider of electrical repairs, installations, and emergency assistance. The key word in that description is community. We also like to think of ourselves as the neighborhood electrician, a service provider similar to those our parents dealt with, neighborhood guys that everyone knows on a first name basis. Our customers ask for our electricians by name because many of them have been doing business with us for years. 

An electrician in Menlo Park CA will always provide you a fair price for top quality work. All of our customers are satisfied customers because we make sure of it before we consider a job complete. If there is anything at all that you are not happy with, we will come back. If something breaks down or ceases to function properly after we’ve left, we’ll come back and fix it. Our people stand behind their work and you will never pay twice for work that should have been done right the first time.  

Lit up homeHere at Menlo Park Electrical Installations we believe in values. Concepts like hard work and dedication aren’t just words to us; they are a way of life. That may sound corny to some, but it’s the way we do business. If you really want to know something about us, call a few of our customers. They’ll tell you what we’re all about.